Burger King Breakfast Hours

Burger King Breakfast Hours

You can get your desired and delicious food by following Burger King breakfast hours from 6:30 am to 10:30 am as BK offers a vast range of fast food items with the highest quality, approved food standards, at a low cost and fast turnover time. Burger King offers from burgers to chicken nuggets, salads, desserts, drinks, tacos, French toast, veggie burgers, and fries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at an extremely economical Value Menu. You can place an order for business meetings, corporate conferences, birthday parties, and other events. If you want to take your food on the go, sitting and eating it in-house, just select the order of your choice and we will deliver it to your doorstep or you can collect through the drive-through option, Burger King Work at your pace. All the burger king menu goods are economical, qualitative, and top-notch for every person as the average meal costing around $5. Although Burger king’s most special item is their burgers, some other popular goods include “The Whopper” and the “Big King.” All of the Burger King staff is friendly, educated, and the restaurants are clean and well maintained. Burger King is the first restaurant that introduced toys in “kids meals.

Burger King Breakfast Hours, Prices & Menu in 2021 

All prices on this Burger King menu prices page are from a Los Angeles location dated January 2021. Please note that Burger King Menu prices in your own state, city, or area may differ slightly in both menu and prices. The BK menu and prices are presented only as a reference to its valued customers on our site. BK goods availability or price may differ in your own area. All the items on our site are directly taken BK menu. Kindly check all the Burger King breakfast hours and menu below.

Burger King Value Menu

Bacon Cheeseburger $1.49
Bacon Double Cheeseburger $2.29
Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe $1.69
Double Cheeseburger $1.69
French Fries – Value $1.39
Onion Rings – Value $1.39
Fountain Drink 16 oz. $1.29
Rodeo Burger $1.00
Chicken Nuggets  4 Pc. $1.19
Hamburger $1.00
Cheeseburger $1.00
Crispy Chicken Jr. $1.00
Hershey’s Sundae Pie $1.69

Burger King Breakfast Value Menu

Sausage Burrito $1.19
Sausage Biscuit $1.00
Sausage & Cheese Muffin Sandwich $1.19
French Toast Sticks 3 Pc. $1.00
Milk (Fat Free or Low-Fat Chocolate) $1.49
Hash Browns Small $1.00
Hash Browns Medium $1.69
Hash Browns Large $1.89
Pancakes $2.29

Burger King Salads

Crispy Chicken Garden Salad $7.09
Crispy Chicken Club Salad $7.09
Garden Grilled Chicken Salad $5.59
Side Salad (Garden) $1.99
MorningStar Veggie Burger $3.29

Burger King Breakfast Combo Menu

Croissan’wich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon $2.99
Croissan’wich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon, or Ham – Meal $4.79
Biscuit Sandwich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon, or Ham $2.99
Biscuit Sandwich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon, or Ham – Meal $4.79
French Toast Sticks 5 Pc. $1.99
French Toast Sticks – Meal 5 Pc. $3.99
Maple Flavor Oatmeal – Meal $3.99
Impossible Croissan’wich Meal $6.89
Egg-normous Burrito Meal $6.39
2 Breakfast Burrito Jr. Meal $5.49
Bacon, Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit – Meal (Limited Time) $5.59

Burger King Drinks

Fountain Drink Small $1.79
Fountain Drink Medium $2.09
Fountain Drink Large $2.39
Orange Juice $1.69
Apple Juice $1.29
Bottled Water $1.09


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