Burger King Dollar Menu

Burger King Dollar Menu: BK is Giving Away Money To Customers

Burger King has announced the return of its most famous deal Burger king dollar menu. To celebrate their birthday and to mark the return of their fast-food restaurants, BK is giving away $1 to its precious customers. The Florida based fast-food chain hopes that it will also attract a lot of new customers to the Burger King family. Every BK item on the “Your Way Menu” costs only one dollar according to Burger King officials. Burger King introduce this offer only for specific products such as bacon cheeseburger, Chicken Jr., value fries, and a value soft drink. As per BK’s official statement value is extremely important to their BK family, especially after introducing the dollar menu deal, said Ellie Doty, the Burger King North America chief marketing officer. Bacon Cheeseburger can’t be found at the same price anywhere else in the world except Burger King that’s why they create a menu that offers crave able products that no one can match.

Burger King Dollar Menu

Meet The Burger King Value Menu

Burger King is promoting this offer by sending $1 each to random customers in their Venmo accounts, according to Yahoo Life to promote their BK dollar menu. The promotion will be running until Dec. 28, but the date can be increased after the wonderful experience and a huge amount of sales. First, it was launch at participating locations only. Actually, the concept of a dollar menu is not new as it was first introduced by a restaurant in Los Angeles. McDonald’s is considered as the toughest competitor for Burger King, due to which they offered discount items for just a dollar (or 99 cents, as they want to compete with other fast food giants such as Burger King, KFC, Subway, and more. 

Burger King’s “Your Way Menu”, marks the return of a $1 menu for fast food lovers across the world. That’s why Burger King is adding a new dollar menu for its precious customers and to always stay ahead of their customers, and to bucking the trend of fast-food giants that push customers to more expensive items as food and labor costs continue to climb. The “Your Way Menu,” $1 deal which rolls out on December 28, has four items bacon cheeseburger, Chicken Jr. Sandwich, fries, and a cold drink. Check out more about Burger King Breakfast menu hours.

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