Burger King Salad Menu

Burger King Salad Menu

Burger King Salad Menu – We will put it all on the line here and guess that in case you’re requesting a plate of mixed greens at Burger King, you’re not doing it since you’re frantically longing for cold lettuce finished off with chewy meat but since you’re attempting to practice good eating habits. This is no little accomplishment at a drive-thru eatery, where the enticing aroma of fries sizzling in oil attacks your faculties when you wrench open that window at the drive-through. Tragically, considering a supper a “plate of mixed greens” doesn’t really make it nutritious, brought up Sue Heikkinen, head enrolled dietitian for the calorie and sustenance following application, MyNetDairy

Burger King Salad menu

Burger King Salad Menu List:

Garden Side Salad

On the off chance that you have an inclination that you need a bonus new and crunchy, attempt our nursery plate of mixed greens. Fresh, new vegetables with a zingy dressing. 

Blended greens decorated new 

Nursery Side Salad offers new ice shelf lettuce decorated with delicious tomatoes and destroyed 3 cheddar variety. Add your decision of serving of mixed greens dressing – Ranch, Italian, Creamy Caesar, or Balsamic Vinaigrette. 


A scrumptious blend of lettuce, with cuts of pineapple and new vegetables. 


We’re burger individuals however that doesn’t mean we can’t do servings of mixed greens. Fresh, new vegetables with cut firm TENDERCRISP chicken filet and a zingy dressing

Truth be told, in a meeting with Mashed, Heikkinen clarified why the Burger King Salad menu Crispy Chicken Garden Salad is, in reality, all the more a calorie bomb than their Whopper. “This 870-calorie plate of mixed greens will eat into your calorie spending in excess of a Whopper,” which has 657 calories, she clarified, adding: “And a plate of mixed greens with 71 grams of fat in is a long ways from a quick bite alternative.” If you don’t end up having a calorie following application on your telephone, you can take a gander at the name of the entrée to attempt to conclude whether it’s solid. “‘Firm’ in this serving of mixed greens name alludes to the battered and singed chicken, not the veggies,” Heikkinen clarified. Check out Burger King Hot Dogs Menu

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